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I have lived in Australia for over 30 years – the 10, 000 days (give or take) of the title. This is an up tempo piece of autobiography - my band The DNA Cowboys – a duo with Donal Dalton - had a residency in The Lord Roberts pub in Woolloomoolloo, Sydney in the late 1970s. My first homes in Australia were in Como, Sydney, on the banks of the Georges River and Bundeena in The Royal National Park – the houses by the river and the sea. As the lyrics say - “I take to the future what I make of the past”.


Ten Thousand Days

Here it comes now ‘round yonder bend
Here comes the music tomorrow will send
If a song is a road well it’s one that won’t end
Till it finds its way home to the heart of a friend

Remember me laughin’ remember my song
Remember the good times all night long
In the house by the river in the house by the sea
When the voice of the land was singin’ through me

10,000 days from Dublin to Paradise
10,000 days my heart like a drum
Beats out the rhythm to count the time passing
Beats out the rhythm of times yet to come

I drink to the wattle I drink from the bottle
Take life as I find it and leave it at last
Hey, what’s in that suitcase? A jingle a jangle
I take to the future what I make of the past

Here’s to the Lord Roberts and my friends at the bar
I wish you good health wherever you are
And here’s the pipe and here’s to the jug
Long may you come round long may you be full

© Des Wade 2008
APRA & All Right Reserved