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  1. The Harp Unstrung

This piece imagines that when the great bard Oisín left the magical land of Tír na nÓg he did not take his harp with him. And so it remained there forerever more, never to sing its songs again. The lyrics are by Des Wade and Ralf Schmidt wrote the music.


The Harp Unstrung
In some forgotten room there stands a mighty harp
Who once gave voice to the tales of a poet’s heart
With songs like shining children of the mother in the strings
Telling of the rose in bud and the wild swan on the wing
Between the promise of the sun and the mystery of the moon,
She would weave the chords that told his dreams in tunes
Calling from a forest deep where dwells the tree who holds
The secrets of an ancient people’s soul
Oceanic in her sadness – blood remembers blood
So alone in her silence - as wood remembers wood
Hark! she hears a song of the summer woods of home
Yes and hark! she hears a song of summer woods a-growin'
And the echoes of a long-lost time when the birds of heaven thronged
And adorned her sisters’ leafy hair with a glorious crown of song
How beautiful, those times, how beautiful the light
We were made of water, we were made of air
How beautiful the light
In some forgotten room there stands a mighty harp
Desolate and bereft by a cold, deserted hearth
For strings a spider’s web, spun lonely all the year
Upon whose silky threads moonbeam hands appear
To play a magic music no mortal ears can hear

© Des Wade 2014