Them Hippies, They Were Right

I turned off the news, just the other night
I could not take one more horrific sight
And right then I saw the light
Y’know, them hippies, they were right

They were right yeah they were right
Y’know them hippies, they were right

As a bunch of stupid druggy fools
They were endlessly ridiculed
All off their heads with their beards and bongs
Smokin’ dope and singin’ silly songs

But they were right and ok I’m a 60s guy
Y’know, them hippies, they were right

Well I live in a society, not in an economy
And Mr Businessman you don’t need short hair
Or a million bucks in stocks and shares
To know the value of clean water and fresh air

And hey, the writing on the wall wasn’t just graffitti
But you ignored it all ‘cos it was easy to be greedy

They just wanted to love her - our treasure, Mother Earth
But people put money above her as a measure of her worth
The hippies’ heads were in the clouds maybe
But lookin’ down they could clearly see there ain’t no Planet B

Their dream to find delight in life they thought we might achieve
In spite of living in a world of hate and strife
But we don’t seem to want to try to stop it all
From going awry and so perhaps it’s time to say bye bye?

Maybe as the end approaches and we all go together
We can leave it to the roaches at least they won’t stuff up the weather

But them hippies, they were right
Oh my my my they were right
Y’know, them hippies, they were right

Des Wade 2019