The Book of My Days

May the book of my days be bound in bone
And on each page a tattooed poem
An image in light and lines inscribed
The arc of my flight - the shape of my life

May the book of my days, chapter and verse
Show me as I am, no better or worse
A pilgrim in time that’s begged or borrowed
From the past long gone and the endless tomorrow

For I have seen wonders cascade in the sky
And miracles no earthly words can define
Are etched on my flesh by a mystical scribe
Drawing me to you with indigo lines

While I feared for hearts around me breaking
And for the love I was forsaking
And when I had no more to give
And I was fearless - I knew how to live

When the book of my days is at last unsealed
What of my life will it reveal
Will it show lessons that I have learned
And will it hold truths that I have earned

And life is a wonder like thunder above
Backlit by lightning burning in love
Higher than clouds, further than birds
May travel my songs, may journey my words

In some dawning day or darkening night
When my spirit will rise like mist to the sky
Who knows on what page or dark moment when
The future will write the words “The End”

And when to eyes in another age
My life is shown on an antique page
I hope they will say, truth to tell
He wrote it himself and he wrote it well

The Book of My Days

 Des Wade 2018