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  1. Lo and Behold!


Lo and Behold!

Lo and behold, lo and behold
A faded page showed us the road
To promises of wealth untold
That beguiled our eyes with dreams of gold

When we set out for the west, we left the best behind
But if there is no quest there is nothing you will find
There was a dreadful beauty born in those days of grace
As across the purple chaparral, the future lay in wait
So we travelled side by side ‘til it felt like we were borne
Upon some high sierra wind that calls her heroes home

Lo and behold, lo and behold
As the bells of tomorrow tolled
And as our hopes arose so high
I shared the vision in my brother’s eye

Oh for all that we were dreamers, there was the truth within
We would never make old bones or die in heroes skin
No matter how far we rode, we could not outrun the past
And the hunter men call destiny tracked us down at last
And as I held my brother’s hand we were ambushed by our fate
And I carried him in my heart ‘til we reached redemption’s gate

Lo and behold, lo and behold
As lightning lit the golden road
Lo and behold, lo and behold
Like heaven’s drums, thunder rolled

Well, they say the race is to the swift, yes to the one with speed
Well, I say it should be a gift to those in honest need
And though it slipped from my grasp as I touched the treasure
It has never been my task to set success’s measure
As empires made of sand ran like water through my fingers
The song of a promised land in distant echoes lingered

Lo and behold, as we had begun
So did we see our kingdom come
As it was written in words of old
Lo and behold, our journey’s done

© Des Wade 2018