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  1. Hymns of Our Time


Hymns of Our Time

Pretty people sing about their lovers and their pain
But other voices cry a different tune
Feed us, heal us, stop the war
Smash our bloody chains
While hounds of hate are howling songs of ruin

These are the hymns of our time

We burn beneath the midnight sun
What will become of everyone?
We freeze beneath the midday moon
We weave the future on a toxic loom

What are we doin’? Can you tell me why?
What are we doin’? Open up you eyes
What are we doin’? Oh my, my, my

My planet, my people, my kin
Waging wars nobody can win
Shattered sisters, broken brothers
Fearful fathers and murdered mothers

These are the hymns of our time

We will not be thanked by generations yet to come
For the poison gift we pass on with each birth
The eggshell sky is cracked, black rain eats our young
We’ve broken the living heart of mother earth
These are the hymns of our time

© Des Wade 2018