My Brother’s Shovel

This is my brother’s shovel, the cause of all the trouble
But when it was bought, who’d have thought what would come to be
It’s balance was so fine and it so stoutly made
And the bright red paint all shinin’ on the blade

My brother’s shovel was a sign as it leaned against the wall
That if I saw it there – well then I shouldn’t call
Oh I liked my brother’s wife and for years we enjoyed
Many a pleasant hour when he was somewhere else employed

Everything that’s hidden may one day be revealed
Well, my brother’s shovel fell and in the weeds it lay concealed
So I walked along the hall, so sure the coast was clear
But as I kissed her in the kitchen, I saw him in the mirror

There was nothing we could say the truth was plain as day
He launched himself across the floor and pushed me through the door
He aimed a hammer at my head as I lay there on the ground
I rolled aside and grabbed onto the first thing that I found

I swung my arm around as I held the shovel tight
And struck him on the temple with the blade so sharp and bright
His body twitched once or twice, then it ceased for good
And she stood screamin’ in the yard with her white feet in his blood

I took my brother’s shovel when everything grew dark
And dug his grave out in the wood by the nesting of the lark
So he might hear the sweet birds sing all the live long day
Without a care or worry all the live long day

This is my brother’s shovel, the cause of all the trouble
Like an evil talisman it’s always near at hand
And I hear a ghostly digging tho’ it lies by my side
All in the quiet of the day and the darkness of the night

© Des Wade 2018