Master of the Game

It was well I knew the legend before I met the the man
His shadow ran before him as only shadows can
Like in a self-fulfilling prophesy
I got the word but all the same
He tricked me into playin’
He was the master of the game

On the checkered field that we call day and night
Each piece has a part to play its moment in the light
Whether running with the hare
Or hunting with the hound
The master’s hand is always there
As we roll these bones around

And you don’t get to choose
What you win or lose
It is all the same
To the master of the game

I had aces in the hole but forgot just as I started
You shouldn’t try to sell your soul in a buyers market
I didn’t have to take his bet
I got no right to moan
Pride fooled me into gambling for
What I already owned

It’s a world of hints and guessing but I know what’s worse is
I didn’t count my blessings and they turned into curses
If I returned to the past
Went back to the beginning
I’m still not sure I’d see what path
Leads to losing or to winning

And when you’ve lost in shame
He won’t flaunt his fame
He has no need to be vain
He’s the master of the game

© Des Wade 2018