A Box Beneath A Bed

A jigsaw puzzle, a cowboy hat, a picture of a horse called Trigger
A music box, a worn out bat that grew small as I grew bigger
A cap gun, a marshall’s badge, a platoon of broken soldiers
Old glass marbles in a bag set aside as I got older
And put away instead in a box beneath a bed

An old guitar in a case since the day the music ceased
Posters promising all the rage and a world of love and peace
Photographs of great events, the costume from a ball
Blurred and faded testaments to the greatest times of all
Then put away as we went on ahead in a box beneath a bed

One by one friends departed to travel different roads
With the wives and lives we started into the great unknown
Where bank books and mortgage deeds document the final score
Of compromise and sentiment and the dreams that we ignored
With songs unsung and poems unsaid put in a box beneath a bed

And now all these bits and pieces of the mystery that was me
Come to this and yes, it is, what we all must come to be
A few nice words, short and sweet on a stone above my head
And a flowered sheet above my deepest sleep in a box beneath a bed
In a box beneath a bed

© Des Wade 2018