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  1. Lander Lane


Lander Lane

Like an oasis in the desert
Island in a troubled sea
I think back to Lander Lane
And what it meant to you and me
Shelter after bitter strife
Sweetly filled with yellow light
Lying together in the night
We were living our real life

Lovely Lander Lane
Birdsong at the door
Lovely Lander Lane
Hear the far-off city roar.

A time of peace and love
Starlight twinkled up above
Nothing’s ever been the same
Since we lived in Lander Lane
When holding you I held the world
Knowing we would never part
And so I hold you still, oh girl
Deep within my heart

First love was a precious thing
A gift for us alone
That gave us our own song to sing
And a keepsake when we’d grown
We thought the nights would never end
Such happiness to treasure
How much love could heaven send
And joy beyond all measure

© Des Wade 2018