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  1. Big Wing

Big Wing
This is an uplifting, optimistic piece which uses the idea of flight to underscore its message. A powerful, beautifully orchestrated song in which the lyrics and music form a seamless whole. It was originally intended as part of a series of songs inspired by Irish mythology – in this case The story of The Children of Lir who were transformed into swans – hence the flying imagery. In the writing process it became something else!


Big Wing
Now song shall arise on a porcelain sky
The shade of days gone by
Clear air and light in hollow boned pipes
Plays the song of our flight
Big wing take me high, big wing make me fly
Learning to fly, learning to glide
To another life
Learning to see eternity
Big wing take me high, big wing make me fly
So still and moon bright this new born night
Now yesterday and all its dreams are gone
Tomorrow is nigh and into it we’ll fly
By the light of the golden eyed dawn
Big wing take me high
Big wing make me fly