1. Deloraine

Nestled in the hills of northern Tasmania is the town of Deloraine. It was named for a fictional hero – Lord Deloraine - a creation of Robert Louis Stevenson. It is appropriate that this songs presents a Deloraine that is unattainable, being named for a non-existent person, and the singer’s destiny in searching for something better than he’ll find.


I hitch-hiked all night to Deloraine - in this dream it’s always cold in your domain
And from your window I saw the wind blow the darkness through the day
I turmed to find the dawn had taken you and gone and all I’m left is your name - Deloraine

Between what I can’t remember and what I can’t forget
Is where I wander lookin’ for my dream and yet
I don’t think I’ll ever get her I feel lost and left behind
And all my life’s a search for somethin’ better than I’ll find
Deloraine, Deloraine

In this dream I returned to Deloraine I knocked and I called but no one came
Then someone said “This vow is kept and tho’ the bond is met
“It will not break the chain” and all the time an old refrain
On the wind and rain sings over and over again - Deloraine

I hitch hike all night to Deloraine and I know as I go it’s all in vain
Possessed, obsessed and drifting through this life is like a game
In which I don’t know the rules except the one that says - find Deloraine

I’ve travelled west of the sun and south of the moon
And if my quest is not done, I fear it will be soon
Tho’ I know I am a sinner and I don’t believe in prayin’
It was a bad day in heaven when the gods made Deloraine

© Des Wade 2018