1. I Googled Love (Demo)
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I Googled Love

Well, I Googled love - I thought, there’s no harm in lookin’
And who’da thought the web was so fulla fu-fu-fu-fu-fun
Well, I Googled love but I got sucked in
And lovin’ Googled me before I got done

I got done, I got done
Lovin’ Googled me
Before I got done

Thought I was searchin’ in all the right places
I wanted to see the perfect site
I searched YouTubes and a million MySpaces
Took all night to find love online

Love online
May not be fine
But it’s all I got
And it’s mine

I found perfection but couldn’t hold her
I saw you see me lookin’ over my shoulder
Superimposed on the PC screen
You said instead of Googlin’ love
You shoulda Googled me

Googled me, Googled me,
Sayin’ instead of Googlin’ love
You shoulda Googled me

Now what they call e-love you say can’t be love
You can’t substitute a girl for an URL
I got megabytes until who knows when
‘Til you come back it’s porn again

Porn again porn again
Until you come back
It’s porn again

© Des Wade 2017