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  1. Vigilante Moon

The night they swore would be their last turned out to be just that …


Vigilante Moon

There is a valley runnin’ through each human heart
Where all our secrets lie
There is a border between the light and dark
And we live on either side
But you and I we crossed that line
And met our destiny so soon
When we passed into the darkness
Beneath the vigilante moon

Lying together side by side
In this quiet place
We are exiles from desire
So we do not embrace
But we lie as one in the pines
As we always dreamed of doin’
Together for all time
‘Neath the vigilante moon

I was lookin’ down into your face
I could hear your moanin’ sighs
You were lookin’ up into space
And there were stars in your eyes
Lost in lust I still heard the gun
Release its deadly round
And your husband sayin’, “Hey, two for one”
As our blood soaked in the ground

The night we swore would be our last
In the end was our undoin’
And so it came to pass
Beneath the vigilante moon

She rides on high over the hill
A stony eye of light
That saw it all but never will
Tell what was done that night
And still she sails serenely by
From midnight to high noon
Indifferent as the birds that fly
Across the vigilante moon

© Des Wade 2017