Cradle Mountain is in Tasmania.


On Cradle Mountain

And so we’re all rollin’ home
Nevermore so far to roam
All those cities I won’t miss
Fade away like mornin’ mist
When I’m walkin’ out on Cradle Mountain

When I left here so long ago
Thinkin’ I’d be gone for a week or so
I did not foresee
All the miles before me
Until once more I’d be on Cradle Mountain

They say half of livin’s luck, well, I say most of the rest is too
And I bless every road I took that brought me back to you
And I give thanks for good fortune that I share in nature’s bounty
With every breath I breathe on Cradle Mountain

And for now all our travelling’s come to rest
This is where we lay our weary heads
At our ease beneath the trees
And the cool, sweet breeze all in the peace
On Cradle Mountain

© Des Wade 2017