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The Cop, the Chickens, the Dog and Me

“I’ve come to shoot your dog,” the country copper said
“I caught him in my chicken run, and he left them all for dead”
Well. I was runnin’ from a bigger law, so I was filled with dread
So I nodded to his gun, sayin’, “OK, go right ahead.”

The cop he blinked once or twice and glanced down at his feet
And I looked at the dog and thought, “This is one you’re gonna beat.”
Bur sure enough the lawman sighed and winced as if in pain, sayin’
“Mate he will surely die, if he’s not kept on a chain.”

We were followin’ the harvest out on the western plains
From North Star to Terry Hie Hie in a sea of golden grain
Ridin’ the big headers ‘n’ takin’ it to the trains
That dog was by my side as we rolled out and back again

I know that hound to me was true and loyal without fail
But because he was stupid too, I wasn’t goin’ to jail
So when I saw the copper check the rego of my car
As soon as he went I grabbed my bedroll and guitar

Well all good things come to and end, as they’re so fond of sayin’
And when it’s time to leave, my friend, there is no point in stayin’
Sometimes you gotta run, sometimes you gotta fly
So I drove into the rising sun and left it all behind

I had to leave without any wages
And at the time I believed that was outrageous
But now I know you gotta live sometimes with loss
You just can’t let it be your boss

Well that puppy he lived on to a ripe old age
And I doubt if he remembered that far-off fateful day
And tho’ I was nearly busted, it’s still a funny tale
About the chickens, the cop and how we got away

© Des Wade 2016